About us

We are an Australian owned, Australian run company owned and operated by Mums and Dads of primary-aged school children.

We are the volunteers at the fete, the helpers at the working bee and the guys sizzling the snags at the Christmas concert. We are all involved with local primary and secondary schools in our respective local areas.

Our team travels the globe in search of well priced, quality gifts that are not only really fun, colourful and appeal to the kids, but will add some real value to the Mums. A gift that will be useful and very much appreciated on Mothers Day morning when they are eating the burnt toast and drinking the cold tea.




  • Dear Mothers Day Stall...

    We just wanted to write a few lines thanking you for the great service. You have saved us all so much time AND money, but the very best of all... the gifts were outstanding!

    Julie, Mornington Primary

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  • Hi Mothers Day Stall,

    We sold out! The kids loved the buying the gifts, the mums adored receiving the gifts... So much better than the other so called presents from the "junk shops". Better quality, better prices and better service, thanks.

    Rebecca, Engadine

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